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I hope Troika does not mind if I post in this thread, since I am also encountering issues with GBA music extraction as well (albeit with a different game).

I tried the usual process of music extraction. I extracted the minigsf files using saptapper and then optimised them with gsfopt. So far, the process went fine (although, for some bizzare reason, I had to rename the GBA file before saptapper would extract the files) as saptapper extracted the files and gsfopt recognised them and their length.

However, when I tried playing the files using Winamp with the Highly Advanced plugin, there is no sound. Infact, all of the files are shown to have the same length (2:04), even though gsfopt clearly showed that was not the case. So even though I did optimise the files, they appear to act the same way as before optimisation.

I do not understand. Am I supposed to optimise the files several times? Is there a newer version of HA then 0.11? Do I need a specific version of Winamp (I am using the latest one)? It is just incredibly bizzare.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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