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Sim City 2000 doesnt run w/ ePSXe, i cant see anything but i can hear the intro video and thats it. it works fine in VGS.

i have the ISO for Crash2 but it plays and looks fine cept when entering certain levels it just hangs w/ a white screen and i cant continue playing the game unless i load a saved state.

i have the ISOs for twisted metal 1 and 2 and when i run them i get the playstation startup screen u kno the white one that says Sony and the black one that has the psx logo. when i play them off the CD they work fine.

also, when i make ISOs of any game that has FMV videos, when copying the FMVs to ISO files, it gets an error and wont copy the FMV files off the CD. i cant even do it outside of my CD burning software. (i dont have a burner i just have easy cd creator 4 so i can make ISOs)

music for die hard trilogy doesnt play

anyone have similar problems?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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