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I downloaded the AdriPSXemulator and have occured many errors and problems while trying to use it. Sorry i am not an expert with emulators and may not realize if i made a simple error. I downloaded the AdriPSX to play Spyro the Dragon. First i hit boot file, then I started up a new game and started to play for 30 seconds , when "emulation error: unsupported MIPS CPU instruction" popped up and crashed the game. Also, whenever i hit F5 to load a saved game, the save game comes up but there is no dialogue, and a distinct clicking sound keeps repeating from the computer speakers. Often after loading the saved game it crashes 30 seconds or so into starting. I am at a loss and would like some help.

Plugins i use :
-SPU PLUGIN: psuPeteDSound,
-GPU PLUGIN: P.E.Op.S. gpu soft plugin,

Thank you
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