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I would like to know if there is any way to play 2-player-games using joystick as Player 1 and keyboard as Player 2?
I'm using version 1.7 and all default plugins and, of course, PeteOpenGL2. I didn't have problems with emulator (I don't count a little ones :D ) until I tried to play Soul Blade with my brother.
I went Config/Game Pads/Port 1. And I have only Pad 1 accessible, although I saw some people on internet have both Pad 1 and Pad 2. I was looking about this on internet and finally saw that "Multitap" must be checked so I checked it, and all 4 Pads become accessible. I put controls on Pad 1 as Joystick and on Pad 2 as Keyboard. And when I start the game, there the problem goes: Player 2 is not working while Player 1 works.
Then I went to Wizard Guide and set the controls for both Controller 1 and Controller 2 (as joystick and keyboard, of course), but again without success.
That was for game "Soul Blade". But, when I tried "Fighting Force" the problem became even bigger - neither Player 1 nor Player 2 worked!

Can anybody help me, please? Where do I do wrong? Should I use some kind of multiplayer plugin? I would appreciate any help. ;)
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