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I wanted to make a compilation dvd of all Resident Evil games from PSX in order to play them on my moded ps2. I spent some time searching for how to do it, and in the end got it all, but there is another problem...

Every RE game has ZNULL.DAT file in root folder, so I must rename them in order to keep them all. But when I search inside SLUS file with hex editor for a "znull.dat", it doesnt find anything. I've tried all options, and it doesnt find anything.

My questions is, does anyone know how am I supposed to rename those files, or is there any other way to do what I want?

I have all original games, I just want to do this so I can have whole RE series on one dvd, since original disks are old and fairly scratched. I apologize if I started this thread in a wrong section, or if it is improper for this forum :)
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