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MSN Messenger 7 beta....

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hey i got the beta and it is better but there is one minnor prob that im woundering if anyone else is having. if your talking to somone in a convo window and they go ofline it dosnt tell you like it did in other versions it just says the message cannot be delivered, but it does tell you if there away etc... is this just a prob with my version or are other people having this prob? also you cant drag and drop files into the messenger window like you could befour..

one more thing i cant send a message to mobile device.. it keeps saying message could not be delivered
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I have been using Messenger 7 beta since the MESS patch was released, and I can do all the stuff you can't, with or without it. As opposed to 6.2, the only thing that doesn't seem to work for me is adding a gmail account as contact.

If your problems persist, I suggest you simply revert back to 6.2. It's not like 7 beta is so much better, save a few features.
I've using this beta for a month now (build 7.0.0425) and for some reason I can do all the stuff you can't (even adding gmail accounts). MSN 7 isn't a necessity though... the only useful feature I've found so far is to log in with an offline status.
Hm.. maybe that unofficial MESS patch screwed something up for the adding of non-hotmail accounts with me, seeing how I've got the same build as you.
i think it something to do with the version ive got where micrsoft were/ are gonna make you be able to send message to people ofline
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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