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Hi everyone,

(First post here :) )

I'm having trouble to play Final Fantasy 7 with epsxe, exactly the movies in FF 7.

All the beginning is good and when I choose new game. The screen turns mad : I got a quite fix screen with big green, yellow, gray dots which sometimes move. The sound is here but very scratchy.

When I wait (a long time), I can play on "fix" screen.
A strange thing is that the two red guards at the beginning station show up on the messed movie screen .

But, everytime it is movie, the messed up screen goes back and I really would like to see the movies to understand the story.

I didn't notice any trouble on combat screen, the only thing is that everything (except movies) are very fast.

I try a lot of plugins (video, sound, cdrom, ...).

I have seen that you need my configuration here it is :
Celeron 550, 128 MB, S3 Savage IX/ w/MV.

Thanks in advance, for any help.

Sincelery yours, Htam.

PS : With bleem!, the movies play at only a few frames per second.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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