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Movie: Kung Fu Hustle

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Has anyone else seen this movie? I just saw it and I kinda liked it
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I've seen the trailer for it. Is it just a spoof movie, or what?
(Seems like the Chinese Kung Fu film genre is going the way of the inner-city black teen drama: see "Don't be a Menace to South Central..." :p)
It's a Stephen Chow movie (realisator of Shaolin Soccer), so I suppose it's a spoof of Chinese Kung-Fu films. It looks quite funny, maybe I should watch it (but I don't think the DVD is already available =/).
The movie is almost like Shaolin Soccer if not, better than Shaolin Soccer. It's like vintage Stephen Chow, some jokes here and there, parodies, and action. But I loved it, it was very entertaining. One of the best Chinese movies I've seen this year.
I saw it. It's excellent and Stephen Chow is great :D
I had a good time watching this movie, it's really funny and original, and moreover, the special effects are very good (like in Shaolin Soccer).
anyone saw Kung Fu Jesus? I'd like to find it :D
never heard of kung fu jesus,i saw kungfu hustle it was very good,I especially liked the hair on fire part:).
darn i wanna watch this now. i liked shaolin soccer >.<.
In other places I am known as Kung Fu Jesus :p

Yeah I recently saw this and thought it was a very good kung fu. The fact that most of the high-powered kung fu masters look like normal people make it better. Oh, and
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That scene reminds me,must watch out for that sign:).
its a good movie.. very hillarious especially the knife scenes when he get stab himself... and the buddhist palm :D
Hmm..we saw a trailer of it when watching Ong-Bak recently....BTW...Ong-Bak was a fantastic fighter movie
Kung Fu Hustle, yeah saw that... I had a stomachache laughing, its quite hilarious. I liked it :D:D:D
I didn't know that was out yet. At the theaters or on dvd? The only thing i've heard about it was it's trailer when I saw House of Flying Daggers. Which was great also.

I loved Shaolin Soccer so I gotta have this one. I think I saw a few of the same guys in it. Is the main cast in it?
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