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hi i had trouble and no one had an answer so I experimented (I ligit have no computer experience)
ALL you have to do is: Put files ( .sav file and export it to google drive, also get the rom or rom hack and export it to google drive, THIS IS IMPORTANT you have to have the same version of rom and .sav file)
Next download it in pc or laptop and put them both in a same file both together in a file, then go to visual boy open the game and press file-import-battery file- and choose the .sav file and press ok and then it will load!
i was trying for like 30 min and i finally did it hope this help.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------edit: in short
1.go to my boy! and get .sav file and from and put it in google drive or any file service that you can open in you pc that lets you download the file.
2. download in pc and put rom and .sav file in a folder TOGETHER.
3.go to visual boy START THE GAME and go to FILE-IMPORT-BATTERY FILE, choose the .sav file and press ok.
4. have fun!
I just want you to know that you're an absolute legend. I thought I had to meddle with save state (.st0, .st1, etc.) files and renaming extensions. After visiting about a literal twenty or so forums to get this done and having spent 3 hours trying to do this seemingly trivial task, I've finally got it!

All I'm going to do in extension to this would be to sync my files between my PCs and Android mobile phones, as indicated here.

This absolutely works, in case anyone reading this is still in doubt. However, it does come with the handicap of not being able to use save states and being limited to in-game saving.
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