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Motherboard suggestions

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okay, I was just wondering about maybe some suggestions about what motherboard you use, or want to use, some advice sorta, you know, the computer I'm building amd athlon, 2 gigs RAM, 4 hardrives, 300 gb each, windows cp, and I'm gonna use two different radeon graphics cards, water cooling system, but I can't decide on a motherboard, so yeah, any suggestions?
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Athlon XP or 64? PCI, PCX or AGP cards? SATA or PATA HDDs? Decent sound or are you gonna get a seperate sound card? How many USB ports do you need? Do you need multiple net cards? Firewire (IEEE1394)? Digital audio out?
if its 939 and pcie then i would say the DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-d its the best Ocing motherboard for 939 and pci express. the SLI ver and the ultra-d uses the same motherboard . the ultra-d just been made where u cant mod it into a SLI ver no more. unless u get lucky and get the rev a2 ver.
Firstly.. $$$$$$. Exactly how much money you got. If it's sky's the limit, then.

Athlon64 4000+(or Dual Core)
DFI-SLI mobo
2x1gig DDR PC3200(or better) ram
3x10000 rpm raptor 80gig serial HD's.(or more)
2xBFG 6800 ultra OC
SB Audigy 2 Zs Platinum.
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