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Motherboard power supply

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Does the motherboard have to have a certian power supply? I mean the cord fits into the motherboard, but does it need something beyond that? I just got a new mb and Im useing my old box and it starts up, then dies in bout 5 sec. I tryed pluging my old mb into my brothers even older power and something similar happed. My ps is only 250w, and the book suggests a 350 for a heavy system, but I didnt have anything pluged in at the time. Does this mean I need a new power supply?
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Check if your current PSU is able to deliver at least 2 amps of current from the +5VSB terminal, the psu should have some specs of the current delivered by its outputs. This voltage and current is delivered to the motherboard even if it's turned off in order to keep the main circuitry ready to boot up, basically.

And yeah, you might need a brand new PSU.
a new PSU is definately on the cards, for an Athlon XP or Intel P3 id recommend no less than a 300watt at bare minimum. for newer systems id say 400watt and above for total stability, look into power supplys tho, cheap nasty ones offering 600watts can be absolute rubbish, so dont be afraid to spend £50 ($100ish) or more on a PSU
I checked the power cord and plug, there is a big difference in what the PSU delivers and what the mb asks for, so I guess thats my problem. Hopefully Im going to Frys today to pick up a psu and a case, they have a special, 350w and at tight blue lit case for $50!
Got a new case, ended up being $70, but I got a 450w psu and I like it better. The main problem was my RAM, I only had one stick cause I didn't know I'd be having to buy all new stuff, and it was bad. I did need the new case, but the ram was the root of the problem, so keep this info in your head if you ever have a system that just wont work.
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