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This game seems to be a hot topic around here :p Everyone seems to be having their own problems here and there but I can't even get the game to start, it hangs up right at the first load screen. The bar goes about half way across and then stops, has anyone else seen anything like this?

AMD Thunderbird @850Mhz
384MB of PC133 SDRAM
GeForce2 GTS 32MB W/Detonator 21.83 drivers
FIC AZ11 Mainboard W/Latest VIA and AGP drivers
Windows 98 Second Edition
Adaptoid with N64 joypad and latest drivers
DirectX 8.1

ePSXe 1.40
Pete's OpenGL 1.55 with highest quality settings (no special fixes)
Pete's CD-ROM 1.8 standard settings
Eternal SPU 1.1 standard settings
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