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After being able to announce that ~ 75% of all popups are gone for registered members, I'm now proud to announce that, after talking with our host, members won't see ANY popups at all any more. And it goes even further, we were also able to remove the banners in the upper right corner from the page ! To register on NGEmu, just head over to <a href="/forums/register.php">this page</a> ! It's free and only comes with advantages - the next one to be unveiled this evening !

On the other hand, there're two topics on NGEmu I quickly wanted to inform people about. First off, our hosting offer - we're offering emu, plugin, tools authors hosting, as you can see on <a href="/hosting.php">this page</a>. But before you apply, PLEASE read the rules - no sites spreading ROMs or otherwise illegal content, no sites which aren't finished yet, just sites which are somewhat related to the part of emulation we cover.

The other big amount of mails I recive, asks what script NGEmu is using and if we could give them out. Well, NGEmu is, different to what most people thought, not based on PHPNuke or any other ready-to-go website script. The whole site is built together out of customized and self written scripts, and I'd like to take the chance and thank the following authors :<ul><li>PaFileDB (download script) and PaLinks from <a href="" TARGET="_blank">PHPArena</a>
<li>Coranto (news script) from the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Coranto team</a>
<li>Message board from <a href="" TARGET="_blank">vBulletin</a></ul>Keep in mind that all scripts are modified for our purpose, and we therefor won't give them out, as they'll mostly likely only run on our server. Thanks to all the programmers who made this dynamic webpage possible again !
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