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Thanks for the help, just wondering is it very difficult to replace my motherboard?? Should i be able to do it myself??
Also wondering is their any difference between my creative pci geoforce 2mx and dedicated agp mx's or is the difference solely down to the pci interface.
Also i want to buy a cdrw to make back ups of playstation games i don't need anything ultra fast or state of the art just one that works whaddya recommend. Also would backups made from a cdrw work on a chipped ps2 ;) i know they work on chipped ps1.
Finally :D i was wondering which next gen console i should buy should i buy a mod chipped ps2 or wait on x-box and game cube?? i know it's a dumb question and it's down to personal taste but i just don't want to buy a ps2 and for it to be completely blown out of the water by the x-box, is the x-box that powerful as to render the ps2 out of date???
Sorry again:eek: for all the questions but i've been needin to ask these questions for a while and this board is smokin:D
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