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GSdx-this cpu does not support sse4, I have a pentium 4
i downloaded and installed DX9 and 10
im useing version 0.9.6 I heard there was a new version or one from playground if anyone can link for me.

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Use the SSE2 version.

Get a new CPU when you're ready to make an upgrade. P4 is insufficient for PS2 emulation.

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Not really, with the playground version I can play games with reasonable speeds (thats right, P4 right here)
but not only with the playground version.I'm using the newest svn of pcsx2(r1030)

With hacks I can get really good speed on:
Ar Tonelico - clear this one on 0.9.4 with full speed almost all of the time,now I think I can get full speed all of the time
Ar Tonelico 2 - have good speed but I played this game on pcsx2 less than 10 minutes(I play it on my PS2)
Atelier Iris 1,2,3 - I don't now about 1 but I think I get on all of them full speed almost all of the time
Bujingai The Forsaken City - 25 the last time I've check it but with the new speed hack maybe I'll get more or full speed(didn't test it)
Contra Shattered Soldier - With the new hack I think it will get good speed but maybe it will require some other hack too.
Crash Twinsanity - I can't believe that this game with all hacks(except WaitCycles Sync hack)including the new one I get ~50 fps on this game.
Disgaea 1,2 - didn't test them but I doubt they'll work at low speed..the last time I've check them I had 45-70
Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 - Maybe this will work good with the new hack but I didn't test it
Final Fantasy 10 - With all hack I can get almost full speed
Final fantasy 12 - it was really long time ago that I've tested this one...with the new hack maybe I'll get 40-50 but I can't tell you for sure till I try it
God of War - 40-45 in the beginning with all hacks
God of War 2 - Didn't test it
Kingdom Hearts - I don't know how it will work now but before on the first boss battle I get 40-60,now with INTC and the new hack maybe more
Kingdom Hearts 2 - Depending on the place I am...30-60
Tales of the Abyss - 30-60

I have a lot more games but I didn't test them on the current pcsx2
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