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Despite the busy schedule today, some more stuff has been done on the page which I thought would be worth while being mentioned :

<b>Compatibility list improvements</b>
Upon several mails I recived and threads on our board, I added several improvements to our script today, like :<ul><li>Fixed a stupid bug preventing people from viewing thread details
<li>Add a 'View all' option, which allows you to browse through all available entries for a certain emulator, 30 per page.
<li>Changed the 'emulator config' fields quite a bit : GBA and N64 emus, as well as certain PSX emus no longer display the PSEmu Pro plugins, N64 emus have their own now, and GBA emus don't show any plugins at all any more.
<li>Changed the 'Last 10 submittions' script on the left, so too long names get cut off.</ul>More than 150 submittions have already been entered into the list, and it's fastly growing ! Don't hesitate to submit ideas for the list or some games you already tested now !

<b>Bleem! 1.6a & 1.6b added to the download page</b>
After bleem, inc. closed it's doors, I decided it would be a good idea to add the bleem! downloads, which aren't available anywhere else any more, to our page so customers who purchased it, are still able to download it from here. You can get both versions from our <a href="/psx/bleem.php?page=download">bleem! download page</a> from now on.

<b>New marks reached</b>
Not really something we updated, but some cool stuff we reached. After the 70.000th post appeared on our forum some days ago and the 3500th user registered shortly afterwards, we today reached the 6 million visitor mark ! Seen like that, NGEmu grew a hell lot in it's first weeks of being online, what shows us that users seem to be somewhat satisfied in general. If you still have suggestions, don't hesitate to post them on our <a href="/forums/index.php">message board</a> though.
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