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more ff8 config probs

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hello all!

i am running ff8 iso on a amd athalon 750, 256 ram, 64mb voodoo5 agp, but! i cant get the fmv (movies) to work, i get a gray screen and the music, but nothing else, and when the fmv finishes it returns me to the game.

i got the config near-perfect for in game stuff, the battles are reall smooth and the graphics look much better than the psx, but i cant get the fmvs to work

any suggestions?

am running petes dx6 d3d gpu and the core epsxe sound

thanq in advance:D
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Toggle the mdecs enabled check box in epsxecutor or check the registery entry for epsxe, also make sure you aren't using saved states, reload from your previous real game save to fix that.
What are you doing with petes d3d pluggin when you got a voodoo 5? Use lewpys glide pluggin.. It's faster and has some cool swirl effects that don't slow down..
Use lewpys glide
pluggin.. It's faster and has some cool swirl effects that don't slow down..
Wow... Lewpy's plugin is showing 'swirl effects' in FF8?

Just a small question: where can I buy that stuff you are smoking? j/k :D
Alright guys,

FF8 shows some weird left to right graphics meshing... Looks kind of like a swirl so that is what I called it.. Instead of going circular, it goes horizontal.. Jokers... hehe.. :)
the reason im using petes d3d is bcoz ALL glide plugins crash with my voodoo5 card, they make epsxe crash and freeze on exit and i have to reset my pc

unless u know somthing i dont......
that is weird.. Epsxe use to crash on exit on my comp too.. But it was with all the pluggins.. I fixed it by using epsxe executor.. No more crashes.. Do you have the lates voodoo drivers? I also think that the epsxe main gui is what was crashing my comp when quitting from epsxe.. Without the epsxe gui, no more crashes.. weird.. Espxe executor works without showing the main epsxe gui..
you said u stopped it crashing in epsxecutor, but i have no idea how to use the program, can some1 help

it didnt come with any help or readme files and i cant seem to get it to work

thanx in advance
ok, so i got it to work, but now it comes up with something like 'no demo found in emulator/memcards.mcr001.mcr, when i try to start the ff8 config
Create a few memcards with executors memcard option.. then format them.. Then goto the epsxe main gui and select them for your memcard slots.. Then goto executor and do the same thing.. See if that works.. I have never had a problem like that so.. Its just what I think..
dont worry, it seems to have sorted itself, thanx for the info though, i hit my monitor which mite have done something!
Documentation for epsxecutor should be in the docs directory under wherever you installed epsxe to. Also check the faq link posted. And please don't hit your monitor, they don't take nicely to such treatment the poor dear!
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