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More bad Tony Hawk 2 news......

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More testing on THPS2....
I was wrong before...loading is still messed up.
The game won't autoload like it would if you had a real ps.
You have to hit F4 and then hit the load button
within the game options....then it's fine.
The big problem is........
I noticed that when i loaded a game, then skated a run in either single session or career mode,
then if i tried to replay the same stage again,
I would lose ALL CONTROL over the skater.
This happens on every stage, regardless of mode,
always the 2nd run.
And then i'd have to exit out of epsxe, since you can't even restart if your joystick is dead!

This does not happen if i don't load off the memory card.

So to sum up.....tony needs help.
Also, the skaters go much higher and faster
if you turn on wait for xa buffer using Iori's
sound....go figure.

Microsoft Sidewinder original game port 6 button.
p3 800EB
asus cusl2 motherboard
voodoo 5500
256 133mhz sdram
CL sb128
Pete's D3d 1.50
Iori's SPU newest one 1.41 or 0 i think
Internal w9x epsxe aspi
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Press F4 again after you finish saving (or loading), that'll probably solve the problem.

[]s Badaro
Is there anything the F4 button can't do???
Does it wash dishes? Will it do my laundry?
Pressing F4 when you have no control did the trick. It seems that's the workaround to a lot of
Thanks everybody who posted.

Lemony Fresh Victory Is Mine!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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