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Mooby's CD-Rom\sound plugin & ePSXe

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Mooby's CD-Rom\sound plugin & ePSXe - Command line?

Is there anyway I can use this plugin in a command line? The only reason I use this plugin is because it gives me the background music in games (Time Crisis for example)

At the moment I have a batch file as follows:
epsxe -nogui -loadbin timecrisis.bin
The only problem with that batch file is that the background music for the game doesn't work when using it.

OR is there anyway to get the background music without the plugin?

Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks. :)
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Yes, it's possible but it isn't very obvious :p.

You can specify the image file for mooby's plugin to load via the config option, which it will do instead of showing the dialog box whenever it is run. Then setup mooby as your cd plugin, and change the batch file to "epsxe -nogui" (no quotes).
Eh? Click ok? That box should not appear if you have done things correctly. I use a similar method to this in delta to run image files (the only difference is that I inferface the option directly via the registry), so I know it works :p (or am I misunderstanding your post?)

Just to make sure ;)

1. run epsxe via the gui.
2. Select mooby's plugin as the cdr plugin. Press configure.
3. select the cue sheet in question
4 exit
5. the above batch file should load that image file from now til infinity :p
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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