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'Mooby 2.8' preview option

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I see in 'Mooby 2.8 virtual cdr plugin' in the 'choose an image to run' screen an option for Preview, but only shows a big ? at the right.

How can i configure that? That space is for a .jpg or .bmp of the game to load?

Greeting an sorry for my poor english.
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Well if memory serves me correctly that spot isn't really a "preview" as such. It is really a viewer for any iso cue files.

Just ignore it ;).
Ah, thank you for the info :)

You've got a really good nick. I'm still an owner of a big ang heavy (and beautiful) Sony C-7, and it works perfectly. My treasure.
Thanks :)

Mine was a MkII SL-C6, unfortunately the loading mechanism broke a few years back. Pity that.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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