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Monster Rancher Advance

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Just thought I'd post some screenies of Monster Rancher advance....since I can now use VBA on my new rig without slowdowns. :) now if I can only get VGS workin' again....
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#3 The Shrine, where you create a new monster to train.
My new monster looks like it crawled out of New York's sewers.... :D oh well.....
The studio.
I've brought him back to the ranch....damn, another mouth to feed! :D
Training with the big stone guy (looks like The Thing's brother IMO :D)
first battle ( didn't train him that much, so he only won 1 battle).
hehehe slap attack eh?? :D
yeah, 'tis a crappy attack..... gotta train him more, so it'd hurt more. :)
Well, he does train monsters too.. hehe.. :p
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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