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Monster Rancher 2

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Hey, I am a new member here (as you can probably tell) and I have been keeping my eye on the emulation scene for quite a while now. I have been having a great time emulating my games, and I have learned quite a bit about ePSXe and getting games to work, but Monster Rancher 2 just won't work!! Sorry if I'm confusing you, it works fine; it's when I switch discs. ePSXe reads the disc fine along with the second disc, but when i return the original disc it cannot read it! How can I get this to work?

One more thing about this game, how do I make an ISO? I tried using ISOBuster and CDRwin, but both of them freeze up at about 20% or say there is a bunch of sectors it cant read! should i say to fill with zeros, or ignore, or what? Thanx sooo much for your help!!

BTW, I love and NGEmu!! I hope it stays up!
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Oh yea, I forgot. My specs are:

AMD Thunderbird 750 Mhz
128 RAM
Voodoo 4 4500
Win 98 se

Plugin: Pete's D3D Driver 1.1.54 (Sometimes Use Lewpy's too)
Author: Pete Bernert
GFX card: Voodoo4 4500 AGP

- 640x480 Window mode

- R8G8A8A8
- Filtering: 3
- Caching: 2

- FPS limit: on
- Frame skipping: on
- FPS limit: 80

- Offscreen drawing: 3
- Framebuffer texture: 2
- Alpha multipass: on
- Mask bit: on
- Advanced blending: hardware

- Scanlines: off [0]
- Unfiltered FB: on
- Dithering: off
- Full vram: off
- Game fixes: off [00000002]
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Turn Mask bit: off , worked for me but if it's the cd , What's th cd-rom plugin config you use ? And the fact of ISObuter freezing could be that the cd is defect !! Check the cd too .
I am using Pete's CDR ASPI driver 1.6

read mode BE_2(ATAPI SPEC 2)
REad Ahead

The only option checked is "Try again on reading error" and its set on 5

I have an iomega cdrw drive thats 8x4x32
It may have to do with how fast you return to the game after switching back to the cd. For me at least, I have to give it a good 5-10 seconds to be safe and let it spin up, otherwise it will generate read errors all over the place. Otherwise no, I can't really say I've had any problems with monster rancher 2.
Gerbil: You have been able to succesfully create your own monsters at the shrine? Cause i tried waiting, it still doesnt seem to work. Are you just switching cds, or are you pushing ESC and using the ePSXe option to switch the discs??
YOU HAVE TO USE THE OPTION ! It's the only way !
That actually works now? I remember beta testing this feature with this game ever since we had the ability to switch CDs ... last time I checked was with 1.2.0. I will have to check it out. :p
My only chance it to use bleem to generate monsters, and set the memory card for ePSXe to bleem!'s file (btw, ePSXe can use bleem memcards just fine. Keen).
Then IU leoad it up in ePSXe.
Turn mask bit off, eh? Never worked for me :p
Hey, thanx for everyone's help!! I finally got it working. I didnt have to turn off mask bit, i just let the cds sit for about 10 seconds, thanx for the advice Gerbilcannon!!

For some reason, I STILL cant get that ISO to be made! Should I make an image or extract the files (in ISOBuster)? What should I extract/make an image of? I really appreciate the help!
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