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Monster Rancher 1 & 2 - Epsxe Linux

its not really a problem.. it just more a kind of Glitch...
in MR series u have to do a lot of cd changes to create a good monster...
the right is 1 cd -> 1 monster, but...
When i try a cd on Epsxe on Windows,(any plugin) it gives me a monster...
When i try the SAME cd on linux, it SHOULD give the same monster, but it gaves another... oO
So 1 cd -> 2 different monster (maybe some rares here ;) )
Then i have the memory card saved in a place where both versions can use, and when i want the monster 1 i use the windows to read the cd, when i want the monster 2 i use the linux...
now i can double my monster collection without need to burn cds only to give me new monsters... :rotflmao: and it works on MR1 and MR2 :D

PS:My native language ISN'T English, so i'm sorry for anything that maybe i had done to you so please don't become :angry:
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