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Monster 37.. watch it?

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i dont relly understand the warning at the beginning of the ep. the preview? the intire ep? the end? i dont want to spoil for myself :(
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okay look, if you watch an episode of something and catch spoilers, then that's OKAY, that's WHY you're watching it...
The warning means the preview for the next show after the credits... I'll check that preview out after i watched 38 and if it's not a MAJOR spoiler i'll.. uh... write them a mean mail ;)
Just don't watch the preview and you'll be safe off :)
...currently watching 37.... the thrilll.... :evil:
Sometimes I wonder why they even have previews at the end of the episode. Do people in Japan like spoilers or something? Actually though, I've read the entire manga for Monster, so I've been thoroughly spoiled on it already ;).
I liked the way KGNE did the ends. Instead of a preview (which I never watch), they had a chibi side story, like in Record of Lodoss War.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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