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First sorry of my pour english, and thanks to let me in.

I want to know, i have an old PC it´s a Pentium 120.I feel like a "Cromagnon"
i´m working in edition of a PSX game
I´m traying to start the ePSX 1,2 verssion
and it give me a message / error init "trouble with DirectImput"
The emulator starts the game with Logos presentation, but it hangs
untill start window
What can I do, instead buying a new PC
Thanks !!!
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I think that even if you start epsxe correctly, you won't be able to run any game at a decent speed. You have a Pentium 120, so I doubt your video card is any good. btw, make sure the latest version of DirectX is correctly installed.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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