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I recently purchased this controller online and the specs were promising for me for it's price.

But after doing a little bit of research, I found out that this controller in particular is actually just a keyboard in the form of a controller. Now, i'm wondering if it's at all possible to map the analog sticks on emulators in general both for Windows and Android.

I attached a picture of what the settings look like. When I toggle to the analog settings and tilt the analog sticks, it just moves the type bar from right to left and vice versa. I've read some things about installing plugins and all, but i'm generally new in setting these things up and it gets overwhelming. I just want to play the games I had back in the days. :(

-The right thumbstick is read by the PC same as the ABXY buttons (ie. Y is the same as the Up right thumbstick, X is the same as the left thumbstick, etc.).
-The windows joypad setting icon shows a keyboard, but there's a joypad setting. The joypad setting is pretty much useless as the controller does not flash the 1-12 numbers and the thumbstick sensitivity cannot be read. All i can do with the controller is navigate left and right between tabs and click via R3 button.
-Saw a video where this one guy was able to actually use his MOCUTE050 where the buttons and thumbsticks work independently as they should
(jump to 1:15)

-I can confirm that the analog stick can detect some sort of sensitivity because by pressing the "M" button, I can move the mouse at a speed depending on how much I press the thumbstick.
-I'm unable to find a driver for this controller. Partly maybe because it's a China product.
-I tried the Joy-to-Key program. The controller itself is still yielding the same keys for the right thumbstick vs the ABXY buttons.
-Has anyone hacked their bluetooth controller to modify which key enters which button?

-This guy had the similar problem but it didn't my case, maybe it'll help some of the others (
-MOCUTE 050 has 4 settings. The sticker behind the controller says that the PC Mode is by pressing the Y button, then pressing the Power button. I changed the setting by pressing the A button (Android Gamepad/iOS iCade Mode) then turning it on. The Z-axis started responding in the joy.cpl window, and I was able to set everything up in the mapping window of ePSXe. All is well.

Thanks for the help!
EDIT: No one replied to my thread, lol. But i'm leaving this here in case someone else encounter the same problem.


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