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mobile xp-2500

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Hello everyone, i have a question about this cpu. I'll probably sound like a noob but here goes nothing. These two Canadian online shops offer the mobile xp2500.

The first one shows a 333mhz FSB while the second one shows a 266mhz FSB. Are there two different versions of this cpu? Which one is a better choice? I've tried searching around for similar threads for an answer but no luck.

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the ncix one i think is the one u wud wanna get because it at least shows u the default voltage, which, iirc is the lowest one u can get on a mobile athlon. the FSB doesnt really matter as its a matter of your motherboard's overclocking capability anyway and the CPU itself cudnt care less. since one has a lower default voltage, that one is more promising in terms of overclocking (im assuming thats why u wanna get a mobile in the first place)
get the one with 1.45V, get the 333FSB version if your board can support it.. since if you want to use higher speed ram then it will be ok.

Not all of them overclock well, you have to be lucky aswell as get the right stepping.

These cpu's are good.. i have had mine for a while now, socket 754 is next for good ocing :smash:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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