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I'm using VBA-M [svn 878 MFC].

I'm playing the (U) version of MMBN3 Blue version and i cant seem to get both gameshark and codebreaker codes working.

When i try gameshark codes The "[M] Must Be On" code gives me an error saying its for the wrong game i tried entering the rest of the codes without it and while it doesn't give me the error the codes just don't activate.

When i try Codebreaker codes The "Enable Code (Must Be On)" and the other codes don't give me any errors but they still wont activate.

Its funny because Ive been using gameshark codes for the first 2 games and there wasn't any problems. What seems to be the problem? thank you.

EDIT: I downloaded VBA 1.7.2 and it seems gameshark codes still didnt work with or without the enable code but codebreaker works perfectly with the enable code. why is that?
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