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I wanted to cut an MKV file. VirtualDubMod was unable to open the MKV file so I thought I'd demux it, then merge it in to an avi file file using Virtualdub so that I could cut out the bit I wanted.
I decided to demux it using MKV Extract. Then I had a problem. The MKV file was orignally 23:55 secs long. When I demuxed the MKV file, the Audio File remained at 23:55 secs long, but the Video file came out 35secs shorter at 23:20 secs long! So when I merge them together everything is outta sync!
What do I do!? :???:

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try directly loading the mkv file into virtualdub(mod)

for this to work you must create an avs file

(open Notepad and save the file as .avs instead of .txt)

now put this into the AVS file


u can add additional parametres like fps=25 or .crop(20,40,600,400)

open virtualdubmod and drag&drop the avs file onto the main window

now you can edit your file without demuxing

hopefully that will solve your problem ^^

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DirectShow won't solve his problem if the mkv was in VFR ( I don't think he can decide which constant FPS should he go with. 23.976 FPS for most anime/movie dvds , 25 FPS for PAL, 29.97 for a few cases. Besides, there is no need to download avisynth for only that purpose since Vdubmod comes up with a directshowsource avs template - find it right underneath the window which pops up when you go to file > open ). The desync is probably caused due to VBR audio. If you get a message after you load the mkv file about audio skew, always press "no". That always worked for me.

Should that not work, AVIMux should handle the conversion by itself.

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