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I need to know if there has been made progress with the 0.8.1 version of pcsx2 or what settings do i must use to make my MK Deception disk to work.
I have used gssoft ver 0.9 and all i get is the loading screen.With gsdx 0.8 the loading screen doesn't even appear.
I see that after the loading screen appears the emulator stops reading from the drive(or from the image i made from the disk).
Has anyone managed to go any further in this game?

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KanedA said:
DUDE you are here since December... and you ask such questions??... :doh:

Well, to tell the truth i am also interested to see any possible progress of MK-DA... And i am one of the older folks already. :lol:

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U guys are so impaitent..
Didnt anyone tell u that the games dont really work yet.. (not fully playable????!!)
Honestly... Bostimons running all over, telling ppl but will they listen???
wait for the next release coolzone..
buy a PS2 if u cant wait...
and no, not more than that screen.... try with a good comp...
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