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Mixed driver

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Is it possible to mix the video driver?

I have installed detonator v23.11. But i encountered some sound problems ( sounds vanish after few seconds ). So, i tried to reinstall the driver by choosing "change" under the adapter section. And during the installation, it asked for a dll ( this dll is belonged to my vendor's driver) which is not included in the official driver files, so i browse the folder and found the file needed and continue the installation. After the installation, i see that the icon in the control panel has replaced with my video card's vendor's icon,but the driver version still stay the same.

But this time, i gain 360 points! ( i gained 130 points b4 this ).

Hmmm.. weird..

Btw,I am using Elsa Gladia Gts Pto. The dll file that it asked during the installation is "ElsaGfx.dll". For those elsa card owner, u may try this to see whether there is any different if u r deperate to get more points.

Finally, the most important one, HOW to solve my sound problems? I have tried everything..i have re-install video driver, sound driver, motherboard driver, agp driver.... but helpless..

And i noticed that i encountered the same problem with all the detonator after version 21.83,no matter it is beta or official version...

Anyone has the same problem or any suggestion ?
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More info :

motherboard = k7t266 pro ( the sound card is built in ).

I have tested soul reaver 2, 3dmark2001 game demo, pj64 emulator. All give me the same problem, the sound vanish after few second, abruptly cut off... why? it does has sound for few secs.. Besides, if the sound dissapear, and i try to use epsxe, epsxe will hang...

This is annoying.....i got points but lose sound .. what happen to all this detonator after 22.50.. Only i have the problem, no one else has the same prob? :confused:
Wow1 Finally! After hours of searching on the net, i finally found the solution for my sound problem. How sad....
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