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Missing Pokemon Platinum Save File?

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Firstly, I've read the FAQ files, and also the previous threads regarding this, but I still couldn't figure it out from the suggestions there.

The problem is basically the .sav files aren't being created. I already set the no$gba NDS backup thing to Flash-512kbps, exit properly, etc. If there's anything I'm missing, please let me know.

Also, even though the .sav file is not there, I can still play the game, save and load the save. I'm just not sure where is it coming from exactly.

I'm also using Vista if that makes any difference.

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No, that's complete nonsense. Changing the savetype does not suddenly change the filetype of the save. Not to mention a file can't work with two extensions on it.

And just as a further note .bak is usually a fictional extension given to some programs that alter an original file but wish to keep a backup of the original so they just slap .bak on the end of a copy of the original so that if you ever want to use the original again all you have to do is delete the altered file and remove the .bak extension.
there should not even be a .bak file in the first place.....
No. No. No. Read the FAQ and stop posting nonsense.
Yes you are, nothing you have posted in this thread helps, or even makes sense as none of it should happen.
I don't care what you do know but I do care that you stop hijacking/spamming threads with nonsense that neither helps or even remotely concerns the topic at hand.
Only try to help if you actually know what you are doing...which you don't
He said he would stop lex, by posting that just now you were spamming just as much as him.
No I will keep locking your threads. You broke the rules and that's that. Not to mention there is no actual help we can give you...the error you get is random, some people get it, some don't...and there is no actual fix for it...aside from apparently turning the mic off through No$ won't get any more help than that even if you had not broken the rules.
If you have bypass codes to add then feel free to add them to the appropriate thread (you already know which that is). If you want to check whether a game works or not then check the stickied compatibility thread. As for posting about your favourite games do that in a different subforum, either Game Discussion or Misc Handheld Discussion...not here in the no$gba section.
As long as it's not Pokemon and as long as you will abide by the rules and not talk about downloading any of them or any release groups or the like then go ahead, but you have used up your chance on Pokemon (not to mention as I said there is no real fix).
Asking an offtopic question IS hijacking...but just one last time I will help you so that perhaps finally the thread can come back on topic and the person that originally wanted/needed the help can get it.

No the Underground can't be accessed on no$gba, it features a WiFi check which no$gba's basic WiFi implementation can't pass.
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