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Missing Pokemon Platinum Save File?

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Firstly, I've read the FAQ files, and also the previous threads regarding this, but I still couldn't figure it out from the suggestions there.

The problem is basically the .sav files aren't being created. I already set the no$gba NDS backup thing to Flash-512kbps, exit properly, etc. If there's anything I'm missing, please let me know.

Also, even though the .sav file is not there, I can still play the game, save and load the save. I'm just not sure where is it coming from exactly.

I'm also using Vista if that makes any difference.

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Platinum doesn't have a piracy check and is notoriously unresponsive to AR codes, so both your suggestions are unneeded.
Also, the majority of this thread has been a back-and-forth between you and Schumi which has not contributed in any way to help the OP.
Personally, I'd consider the former hijacking and the latter spam; don't know about you.
Also, you have repeatedly posted 1-2 line comments in other threads that haven't progressed the discussion either. Maybe you should lament about this before posting, or you are bound to get a permanent ban sooner than later.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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