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Missing characters in CTR

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When i start crash team racing ,i have just a "," on each line in menu;instead od : "Start game" "battle" ...Etc.... :


I use EPSXE 1.6 Peteopengl2 ,eternal spu full, but i tried others like PeteD3D ,OpenGL1 ..Etc...and differents settings.

I use an ISO of CTR and before this pb ,i could play CTR without pb on an another pc with the same ISO.

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try using Peops software gpu
did you make a new username...? what happened to nonobi?

in any case, OGL or D3D probably dont work because you havent installed the drivers. go to and get updated drivers, then it should work for you.
yeah, i do admit that i totally skipped by that :rolleyes:

and on, ironically, the same note....take a closer look at the orange text above my avatar. "hushpuppy" is not my username ;)
do you have AA or AF on? if so turn em off...
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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