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Here's just some stuff I still wanted to report, but which aren't really worth a post on it's own :<ul><b>Boycott Advance's new secret emu is ...</b>
<a href="" TARGET="_blank">TheShadowRunner</a>, one of our numerous members, posted in <a href="/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=6072">this thread</a> on our board what it exactly says on the second pic, and which emu this is therefor. Let me quote : <i>I can read Japanese and it says on the left pic : "The cartridge you inserted needs a Wonderswan color system to run". So I guess he's on the early stages of development. </i> Thanks a lot for those news, you can find the whole post <a href="/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=6072">here</a> !

<b>Bleem! comic</b>
I wanted to post about that one for days now, and finally I got the chance :) Samor posted one of his cool comics (find more at <a href="" TARGET="_blank">his page</a> !) in our bleem! forum. Not much to say about that one, I highly recommend you to check it out <a href="/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=5779" TARGET="_blank">here</a>. Now I also want a phone bleem!ing :)

<b>Articles system expanded</b>
And last but not least, some site news. Thanks to some cool suggestions from CD, I added several new functions and fixes to our <a href="/articles.php">articles system</a>, including the possibility to edit and delete the comments you made, and many many bug fixes. So make sure to check it out :)</ul>I also wanted to install a new poll, but pushed that forward to tomorrow because of time reasons. Until then :)
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