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Alright, so I searched for a thread already made about this, and found a bunch, which allowed me to get through a few missions, but now I'm stuck in the free-digging level with no limit or anything. If I try to go to the menu, or into any doorways to another area, the game freezes up(sound still plays), and doesn't respond. I'm playing this from an ISO, not my CD Drive, so it isn't that, and my configuration is as follows:

Videocard: ATI Radeon 9200se Atlantis 128 MB
Pete's D3D Driver 1.75
Window mode - 640x480
Texture Quality - R8 G8 B8 A8
Hi-res Textures - 0:None
Texture Filtering - 6:Extended Plus smooth sprites
Gfx Card vram - Autodetect
Use FPS Limit - On
Frame Skipping - Off
FPS Limit - On, 60
Off Screen Drawing - 3:Enhanced
Advanced Blending - 2:Hardware
Framebuffer Textures - 2:Gfx Card Buffer
Framebuffer Access - 3:Gfx card buffer reads & moves
Alpha Multipass - On
Mask bit - off
Special Game fixes - 0x0004: Ignore black brightness color

Anything not mentioned is set to off

SPU: PEOpS DSound Audio Driver 1.7 (ePSXe and Eternal SPU both work, but freeze up at certain points, PEOpS doesn't have voices but never freezes until now)

Enable Sound, CDDA, XA, and SPU IRQ all on.
No special game fixes

I've tried switching out plugins, changing settings, but everything I try doesn't work. It's on a save state, and only one, so I'd really like to save this instead of restarting and avoiding that area.

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You shouldn'y rely only on savestates, they are dangerous and sometimes have failures. At the very least, save on the memory card as well when posible. You can try using peops gpu plugin, it's the most compatible out there. Disable spu irq hack, you aren't using it if you ain't using the internal spu plugin anyway. If that doesn't work, you are basically screwed.
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