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I can play the misadventures of tron bonne, but ONLY with null2's spu. Pete's spu will always hang during the first dialouge. Null2's SPU, however, will not emulate the dialouge properly (you won't hear much dialouge). Pete's SPU emulates dialouge well, but it always hangs after the first one......
Null2's will get you through the game (you have to skip some dialouges with the start button though...), although most of the dialouge will not have any voiceovers.
Using the epsxe core one, same problems as pete's.
Eternal's can't get pass the part after teasel was beaten.
I have not tried other SPUs yet.
pete's D3D gpu 1.55 emulates the graphics pretty much perfectly. Problem is the sound. That seems to cause it to hang.
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