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Hey there all,
So I went through a few pages and found some really helpful hints on running MGS under the latest epsxe... I now have it pretty much entirely playable; speech/music sounds good, no video stutters... of course i have the mdec speed problem that comes with the PC FPS Calc fix, but whatever. The issue i wanna fix right now is this...

Say the codec opens up. Great. People start talking normally. Also great. However, not so great is that the screen seems to fall behind the text, and very much so. So what happens is the conversation is done and the talking heads/text are still on like the 3rd line of conversation... so i have to "skip" the convo after it's done. Also during ingame cinemas, when people are talking the voice seems in sync with what's happening, but the text fails to update quickly enough and thus falls very much behind. The main problem with this is that it seems to reach a certain point where it's just fallen so far behind that it freezes up until i skip whatever it is i'm listening to.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. ^_^
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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