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Hi guys,

ToS works almost pefectly for me (so far), except for two small graphical problems that I've noticed. I think they are probably both due the same thing, but anyway:

1) In the skits, the mouths don't move most of the time, and I can't tell who's talking.

2) In the world map, on the little world map on the bottom right, it doesn't show my position of the locations of towns or anything. Basically, it just shows the ocean, the land, roads (everything geographical)...but nothing else.

Anyone have any idea on how to fix these, if possible?

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I just finished this game with Dolphin. The OGL plugin works fine. Map works the way it should and everything, don't know why your having probs with it. The skits are anoying so I never watched them if I could help it. But the onse I did watch had the smae deal with the mouths. The D3D plugin is alot faster but has more graphical glitches. You can't even see the world map on it, its just a mass of colors.
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