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Mini Ninja

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Err a kinda kid game with high rating everywhere. :O
In my point of view this is an OK game and alittle fun.:lol:
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It's just supposed to be some light fun, that's why it gets good ratings, it's something the PC lacks. PC games are too often complex and stuck on looking as good as they can so I welcome small little games like this that just give me something small, and simple but still lots of fun. It's not meant just as a kiddie game it's meant as sort of a Wii like, simple but incredibly fun game for PC.

Anyways something was screwy with my demo...I had no sound...dunno what's up there.
Strange don't know why but looking at those screens reminds me of Brave Fencer Musashi, anyway like its already been told looks like a fun game.
It looks fun, but too bad the graphics are subpar even for last gen.
Graphics whores, please get the **** out.
It's simple, yet I find it interesting. Might as well try it *looks for more info on Google*
Played this one on DS, but stuck at puzzle where u have to write japanese using stylus ..i wonder wether pc version has the puzzle also :p
nope, its a good game where it doesnt force itself to use touchscreen for pointless puzzles like most ds games
fun games, little bit remind me old tenchu
Cool graphics and neat art style. Looks fun. Reminds me of I-Ninja. (that game was awesome!).

Anyone tried this with gamepads? :)

Looking forward to playing this.
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