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Beta Date: 31.07.05 [refraction]
Conditions Tested Under:
release 0.8.1 plugins, except from
GSDX9 25.07.05
SPU2ghz 25.07.05

Navigate quickly thru menus else it crashes randomly logging:
*PCSX2*: DMA error: 02000000
UNKNOWN VifCmd: xx

Following message from beta 29.07.05 is gone
*PCSX2*: fixme unpack overflow
VIF1 UNPACK: Mode=a, v->size=188, size=188, v->addr=3e70

PC/RA= custom routine reading some DMAC registers
ori a2, a2, $9030 # 00374bd0:34c69030 a2=D1_TADR
ori a1, a1, $d010 # 00374bd4:34a5d010 a1=D8_MADR
lw v1, $0000(a2) # 00374bd8:8cc30000 v1=D1_TADR


Loading between menus and arcade or career mode takes 80000 frames or 45 minutes on my system. The fps appears messed up like the US version.
Fails to start 3D engine and loops in a routine with loads of COP1 commands.
I tried to NOP that but then PCSX2 terminated at that point.

Fails to boot unless following patches used:
gametitle=Midnight Club II [SLES51054] (E)
comment=patches by Nachbrenner
//skip videos
//skip sceIpuSync
//skip network check "BT_ok_to_initialize_networking"
//skip Logitech racing wheel driver

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