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Problem is whether the processing speed of whatever chip it's using (looks likely that it's using a next-generation ARM CPU to me) is up to the speed of doing all those funky stuffs so smoothly. Chances are it'll be choppy as hell or dead slow sometimes, and then the novelty would wear off quickly. Also battery life is a factor. :p Yes, I'm staring iPhone in the face. iPhone 3GS kind of remedied some... but not perfectly.

Though since it's Microsoft, I guess we can expect more oomphs out of the pre-installed apps and the OS itself as a whole. I have no doubt that the software will deliver... but the hardware doesn't look too promising to me.

^= Earlier in concept stages... :innocent: Seems like it's running Windows Embedded. Choppy and slow as heck, though.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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