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Microsoft Windows XP

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Well I was just wondering that what this new version of windows has in store for us.I mean that wether our beloved emus (Actually I like all of them)will be compatable or not with this new version.

And one more thing......In windows ME the blue screen was very does the blue screen appears in it or not......?

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Once I had installed my VIA 4-in-1 drivers, I found that Win2k was nearly as good as ME in terms of gaming performance (about 200 3dMark 2001 points lower). But when I tried WinXP beta 2 build 2465, I found that I got a higher score in 3dMark2001 than what I did in ME (I got about 2750 in WinXP with standard drivers). I have no problems with WinME too, and I've got Nero and DirectX 8.1 installed too.
Hey i am having a problem installing windows XP beta........~
I am currently using windows Version........!
When I try to install windows XP Beta (Whistler) it says that it is not able to detect the current version of my Windows........why os that happening.......and setup discontinues........heck......!
Maybe you should try doing a New Installation rather than an Upgrade. When I tried installing from within WinMe, it would let me do an upgrade, but it wouldn't upgrade my Win95 for some reason. I chose to choose the installation partition during setup (hit the advanced button), and created a brand new partition for it. Hope this has been some help.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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