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Microsoft Windows XP

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Well I was just wondering that what this new version of windows has in store for us.I mean that wether our beloved emus (Actually I like all of them)will be compatable or not with this new version.

And one more thing......In windows ME the blue screen was very does the blue screen appears in it or not......?

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Egad. I disagree with that entirely. Only touch Win ME if you want ammunition in a holy war against Microsoft. Windows 2000 is vastly better than ME for gaming and, in many respects, 98. Considering how few flaws it has now, I'd say it's simply better in every way than 9x, but there will always be some weird title someone wants to play that won't work in 2k.
Windows XP = more bundled M$ software = even more bloatware (if that's possible).
1 - 2 of 43 Posts
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