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Microsoft Windows XP

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Well I was just wondering that what this new version of windows has in store for us.I mean that wether our beloved emus (Actually I like all of them)will be compatable or not with this new version.

And one more thing......In windows ME the blue screen was very does the blue screen appears in it or not......?

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If windows is your game... I would recomend windows 2000.... Its a real trooper thru and thru... ME is what you get when you combine windows 95 with a service pack called 98, then add in any bloat code that you have laying around the office... I would avoid ME like the plague...

Anyways, sx/amega, Windows 2000 is great for gaming. I have never had a problem with, except for a game or two that would not run without a patch... It may be a bit harder to set up, but once you do it (correctly), its golden days.... I have not had a BSOD since going to 2k on my system, and find them only ever so rarely on the networks i run...

XP on the otherhand has not impressed me yet... I would still choose 2000 over XP for atleat a year untill some of the aftermarket bugs are worked out...
FF7PC doest work in 2000?

I think it does... and oh yeah, one more thing, in 2k, if you install the support tools, you can use some games that normally wouldn't run (like driver) by running it under the 98 environment... (you can run some programs in emulatated 3.11,95,98,NT3,NT4 SP3, NTSP4... i think thats all of em...)
Have you installed the support tools?? Like i mentioned above, sometimes (and i do mean sometimes) runing it under a diffrent envirnment will do the trick...
Yeah, the GeForce cards will run some glide games in win2k also without any patches... does great on wizmark (glide benchmark)...
Yeah, too complicated...

But if you were, (even thou you said that you were not), i would go with win2k... BSOD is MIA..
sx/amiga... there... its spelt right... :)

Sorry if i seem to come off so smug... My job is an IT Consutant. I speend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week telling people what they need, dont need, and why thats so... I run many networks which contain many, many, many computers of all types and sorts... including the dreaded macintosh... Anyways, the point being is that i enjoy my job, and i like to offer advice when i can because of my vast experice. Again, i appologise if i seem to come off smug to you, but i am not doing it intentionally.

And if you feel the need to repremand me for my option, you are free to e-mail me, its in my profile. I will give you a timely responce.

If you have ever been a network administrator, or an ITC, it gives you a god complex over time, weather you want it or not. So that might be the smugness that you speak of. Allthough i dont think that i have it... (Denial is the first stage of acceptance... or is it?)
sx/amiga... You dont have to be an IT Consultant to know about anything... But, i state my positon only to try and put some weight on my experiences. I don't claim to know more about the emu scene, or the psx emulators. But, i do have extensive knowlege of diffrent OS and the problems that can be formed and solved. Because these are things that i face every day. Taking care of one or two computers (sometimes a few more) is one thing, even a home network. But when you go onto a corperate scale, it gets a lot more complicated because there are hundreds of diffrent configurations between hardware, software, and users. When i post my prefrences or configurations for computers or what not, its ment as a general statement (unless otherwise stated). It from what problems i have come across and overcome.

I never invalidate anyones opinon. But i will try and correct a misgiven fact. And will tell how to turn the cannot into can be done. I never claim to know more than anyone else. It just might appear that way :D

What's going on in this thread
I dont think it pertians to the tittle anymore...

Positions don't mean knowledge..
But experice does...

1A: the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association 2 : acquaintance with or understanding of a science, art, or technique
1B : the fact or condition of being aware of something 2 : the range of one's information or understanding <answered to the best of my knowledge> c : the circumstance or condition of apprehending truth or fact through reasoning

Well, anyways, i hope i have not offended anyone too much. I mean no ill to sx/amiga or CD or anyone who i have posted with. The only bad thing about the internet communicaiton, is its extreamly hard to tell the context of written/typed words. BTW sx/amiga, i am a horrible speller and thats why i spelt your name wrong :)
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