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Microsoft Windows XP

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Well I was just wondering that what this new version of windows has in store for us.I mean that wether our beloved emus (Actually I like all of them)will be compatable or not with this new version.

And one more thing......In windows ME the blue screen was very does the blue screen appears in it or not......?

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>Well I was just wondering that what this new version of windows
>has in store for us
Nothing new, save for some Microsoft spywear that'll be cracked in a week.

>so does the blue screen appears in it or not
What version of Windows would be complete without BSODs? Since it's going to be based on the NT kernel you're likely to see less of them, I'd imagine. Of course, you could reap the majority of the "benefits" they advertise by just using Win2k.
>Be careful, WIN 2k is not a gaming OS.
I'll agree with sxamiga, but only with a caveat. Win2k isn't an OS for gamers if they have older hardware and/or can't get updated drivers for said hardware. Initially the problems that came about with Win2k were predominately the fault of buggy drivers (which is often the case, actually).

When Win2k was first released I recall C|Net doing a review in which quite a few games actually saw speed *gains* in Win2k, despite the architecture being somewhat new. Just recently I was reading a review of the Geforce 2 MX 400 and realized that there were some considerable performance improvements to be had simply by running Win2k. There's a few titles that simply refuse to run under Win2k (VGS and FF7PC, for example). While there are patches to circumvent the problem in some cases, recall too that you can have Win9x *and* Win2k installed at the same time, so if you have such a program, you can always reboot if need be.

If you have an older system and a small amount of ram I would suggest sticking with an earlier version, as Win2k would surely just aggravate you. Otherwise, do some research, see if all your hardware is supported, and give it a try, I think you'll be pleased.
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>I think it does
It'll install, but the .exe won't allow me to run it. Of course, I tested that prior to both SP1 and SP2, so maybe it isn't true any longer. Maybe it was just being disagreeable that day, I dunno ;)
>Have you installed the support tools??
I have them installed *now,* but I'm quite sure I didn't back then. It's not as if getting FF7 to run is much of a priority though, seeing as how I finished it under Win9x.
Note too that the partition you use for Win2k will have to be under 32 gigs in size if you'd like to use FAT32, otherwise it won't give you the choice of formatting it as anything other than NTFS.
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