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Microsoft Breakup Ruling Overturned

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The moral of the story: Money=Power
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Well, wasn't that a surprise...</sarcasm>

Especially with Bush being in office...
Hahaha... that makes absolutely no sence... He had nothing to do with it, and Ascroft was FOR the breakup. It was an appeals court that decided that the judge was bias, and now there is going to be a ruling by an alternative judge.
>that makes absolutely no sence...
Of course it does. Regardless of what Ashcroft thinks, good 'ol brainless Bush will follow the lead of whatever the republican puppetmasters tell him to do. Namely, allow business to continue even at the expense of the public.
You see though, bush has NO influence over this decision. Well, he could, but the american public would be able to tell.

But this decision was made by a panel of judges that have been put in place by people other than him. It just happens that this occured while he was in office.
Personally in my option the breakup idea is dumb anyway. What would it accomplish? By splitting the company into an os one and an apps one would not stop the os section from having a monopoly or abusing it in the future.

If you really want to teach microsoft a lesson and also prevent future abuse of monopolies there is one easy solution. Force microsoft to make windows open source.

Its also a much cheaper option to the poor us taxpayer than splitting the company.

PS that ruling only found that the judge was in error on the sentence... not the verdict. They are still guilty of monopoly abuse and still have to pay a penalty.
To cluthu and Dan:
Did you know that our friend Bill Gates has given money to Bush and Gore to make their campaign?
Think what you want,but he just wanted to be sure that the next president would help him.
You see, in the USA, the presedent could not help microsoft no matter how hard s/he wanted to (except for a pardon, and this could lead to impeachment). And microsoft has been donating money for years to both presedental campans.

Like i stated before, this has nothing to do with the presedent, but a panel of judges (appointed or elected, cant remember right now) that have been reviewing this case since the dawn.
Do you know what Bush is doing in his private life?No,I'm sure you don't.
Do you really think he's clean?
You can be sure he talked to some people to get things better for MS,he's not the "perfect little president who says everything to his people" that you seem to think he is.
Not any politician(I mean important politicians,not one from a small town)on this planet is clean.
BTW,sorry if I seem aggresive but someone on this board(fanjun99 to name this monkey)is really getting on my nerves.
If anyone's at all interested in this topic any longer, you might want to note that a group in Germany has recently worked out the hardware detection/key code that's used by MS to activate WinXP. To say it's frightening is an understatement (they check the amount of RAM in your computer, for goodness sake).

While it'll be interesting to see if the BBB and Supreme Court here in the US take some sort of action, it's nice to know that *someone* out there is on the ball: namely, the European Union has declared their registration process to be exceptionally intrusive and said that it shouldn't be part of European versions of Windows.
Raziel, I wish you had a better understanding of the political structure in the USA. You are the one that said bush was a tell all. Not I. Anyways, i will repeat one more time, both ascroft (the US Attorney General) and Presedent bush supported the breakup. Now the only thing that was ruled as a fault was possible bias from the judge, because he DID make comments during the trial that showed bias, which is a GIANT no no in the US of A. That was the only fault found. Now, the appeals court can still order the breakup of microsoft, so they are far from out of the deepend yet.

This was not some kind of conspiracy. There have been talks of the ethics of the judge since his first press interview about the topic (which, like i said, is considered unethical behavior).

cluthu, what all does MS look at? Could you mail me a link to the artical? This sounds quite intresting. I know that there is a patch that will disable the registration function...
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