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Hello guys, I'm a new member and i'm french so my english may be not very well.

I contact you because I tried to emulate Metal gear solid 3 with pcsx2 but I failed : I managed to run the game but snake is very slow and the sound is bad.

My config is :

_ Intel core 2 duo T7300
_ 2 Ghz
_ RAM : 2,00 Go
_ Nvidia Geforce 8400 GS

And I'm testing Windows seven so I just tried this emulation on Seven. But I have also a dual boot with Wndows Xp.

So can you tell me if my config is self-important and what are the plugins I have to use please.

Thank you

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Your PC specs are similar to mine. MGS3 simply will not run at full speed no matter what you do.

As for plugins...

Graphics: GSDX10
Sound: SPU2-X or ZeroSPU

If you are playing from the disc, the game will run a lot slower and you will have frequent sound skips and lockups. If this is the case, make an ISO with DVD Decrypter or some other software that can rip a DVD ISO.
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