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MGS: what sound plugin do you use?

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god, I haven't posted here since march....anyhoo,
Does anyone have problems with jerky cinemas in MGS's?
The best I can do is play around with the sound plugins, since they seem to have a major effect in corecting this.

Right now Nulls SPU 1.35 give me the best results with the following settings
Buffer size: 60
Block size: 6

I was just wondering what setting do you guys use?
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MGS sound Plugin

I have metal gear also and from what I have read it is an incompatability with the emulator. EpsxE 1.40 is supposed to fix this so lets all hope they do that.:)
liquid, while we all are waiting 1.40 you can try my setting for MGS/Null2 1.35... if you search this message board you might find the exact figures (dunno if i posted that on the old board...) If I remember correctly, i used buffer = 120 and block = 10. Yes now you think "this guy is full on sh*t, the plugin doesn't take values higher that 100" Well it does save the value beyond 100, thought it displays an error message. These values worked best for me, so why not try them out? I have Duron 700, voodoo1, 128mb, SB shitty basic PCI card.
try to use internal spu plugin
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