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MGS Spec.

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Hi all,

I have read alot about the various MGS issues on the forum. With
some of the new plug-ins (ex. Eternal SPU), some of these problems are supposed addressed (by various postings) ...

If it's not too much trouble, can someone give a list of the things that are still problematic with MGS on ePSXe, and give a full config listing of their plug-in config?

So that this thread can be reference by any future inquiries about MGS. ;)

I noticed most of the problem fix has been tested on GeForce cards, (I'm running ATI Radeon DDR, which is another popular choice) ... I'd like to try out the afore-mentioned config and see if they are fixes for ATI as well. :p

Sorry about the long-winded message.

My PC Config is:
Intel P4 1.4 GHz CPU
ATI Radeon DDR 64MB Video Card
Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer 5.1
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Request :)

>MDEC crashes in ePSXe 1.40
What does mean what it crashes? freeze black screen?, cpu opcode error?
blue screen? divide by 0 error?

Can someone tell me when exactly it crashes?
Hmm, i have played only until the darpa (is it correct the name? hehe) zone, and i don't remember some mdec, only scenes what isn't mdecs, i would like take
a look to the bug.

Very thanks,
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Ok, i got a memcard, and played until than i arrived to revolver ocelot, (ohh my god, i am really bad hehe, it takes >1.30 hour and
the memcard was from darpa zone hehehe,) good, now i need find a pec code and beat to ocelot to see the problem :)

Hehe :), he took less time of what i had thought in die :), finally arrived to the point where it crashed, yes it was mdec, good did some changes, the mdec isn't working correctly, but at least it will not crash more :)

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